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No longer compatible with Mac?

I upgraded OSX to Big Sur and it seems I can no longer run AXMA 6.1 (preferred) or even JS. I can download it from the site, but the downloaded file doesn't open, saying the archive is empty.

I messaged the Devs and they said to re-download with a link, but as before, when I open the archive, the OS reports it empty. I assume this is an incompatibility issue with the OS. I can use it online with the browser, but that becomes a pain with images and sound multimedia because any media added has to be hosted online, and I cannot work on larger games offline.

The offline version still works on PC and I guess I can use my laptop but it's not preferred - I'll need to make smaller games and not use multimedia. I'm sad because AXMA is my system of choice for all my recent games, and it seems as though it's less-frequently supported. I'd be happy with 6.1 how it is if it would just *work*.